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Bio / Business Philosophy
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My name is Tracy Edwards and I am the principal of 'Canine Companion' based in Loose, Maidstone in Kent.  I am an avid animal lover and love to indulge my passion in taking care of and walking my clients pets.  I have owned dogs throughout my life although right now I am devoid of a canine friend....we do however have 'Bo' our lovely family cat. 

My reputation means everything and you will find me reliable, flexible and above all trustworthy.  Access to your property and caring for your 'family friend' is paramount to me and the success of my business.

The issue of Insurance may be of concern to some people and I am not certain how many dog walkers who say they are fully insured actually are.  The issue of insurance is a mute one in my opinion.  My business is not about turnover or how many dogs I am able to walk in a day, it is solely about loving what I do and my love for dogs.  There are no other employees and I will not 'group walk' your pets.  The cost of Insurance under these circumstances is prohibitive from my perspective, let alone the issue of any potential claim.  It would probably bring about the end of Canine Companion and I am not prepared to let that happen.  I would rather be open and honest with my clients on this front and I am confident that my current clients would all vouch for this.

All pets should have their own pet insurance, all that I ask is that owners entrust me to care for their pet in a way that they would themselves.  I offer this commitment and I firmly believe that those that want my fully personalised service see it this way too.  

At the end of the day the most important thing of all is that your pet is loved and properly cared for at all times - please look no further.

I am happy to provide contacts or references from any of my regular clients if required.  

Tracy Edwards

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